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Coleen Barry’s work is a recent discovery of mine. I admire the time she has put it to her craft and the study of anatomy. Here’s her website.Coleen Barry


American Psycho

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AmericanPsychoBook M.ArismanPenthouse MA1rollingstonemag

I keep running into Marshall Arisman’s work over and over again or maybe it’s just the dark archetype that I am drawn. I read a review somewhere about his work in installation art and films so I finally did a search and went to his website and discovered a trove of interesting work in all media and genre. Spend some time here.

He is also chair of the degree program “Illustration as Visual Essay” at the school of Visual Art in NY.



Chip Kidd on Book Covers via TED

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A little bit Illustration a little bit graphic design a little bit typography.chip-kidd-book-covers-gallery-page

Another experiment in trying to embed vids.  BTW, TED has a simple embed link just for WordPress.

I first heard of Chip Kidd as the hot new book designer when I read “Dry”  in 2004. I had never heard or thought of a book cover designer before then.

Anatomy of a New Yorker Cartoon

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From the looks of it, I suppose I gotta upgrade in order to embed video. Until then, here’s one of Bob’s and here’s the link.

Bob Mankoff comics editor at the New Yorker on TED

Commie Pinko Comics

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HogarthTarzan_GoT29Hogarth D A cover

Hogarth Hand


I was doing some research On Burne Hogarth for the Illustration class and found out all this. I never owned his anatomy books but I have used them for sculpture reference because of the way he masses muscle form very cleanly, regardless of lighting direction, so it seems. His book Dynamic Anatomy is linked through Amazon and I would recommend it to art students interested in a serious study of human form.

What I also found out was that after his successful run in comics as the illustrator for Tarzan, he was instrumental in founding the School of Visual Arts in NYC with Silas Rhodes in 1947. SVA was set up as a trade school for returning veterans after WWII who were interested in entering the Advertising industry as artists and was budgeted largely by the G I Bill.

Just as the school was beginning, it ran into trouble that threatened its existence. In 1956 Mr. Rhodes and Mr. Hogarth were called before a Senate investigations subcommittee and asked whether they were members of the Communist Party. The committee was trying to determine whether Communist influence had tainted vocational schools that were supported largely by federal money.

The SVA is a very legit and accredited art school today largely because of the efforts of Hogarth and Silas. That whole story is at the NY Times obit of Mr. Rhodes here.
Hogarth enjoyed a long and successful career as a teacher and an artist who legitimized the comics trade as sequential art, at least in the eyes of the French. His website, with bio and a lot of images is here.


Happy Easter-George Petty

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George Petty-Easter Bunny


Petty Girl. More about George here.

Fechin’s Faces

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Nicolai Fechin Nicolai Fechin2


Nicolai Fechin a Russian transplant to America escaping the Bolsheviks. He moved from NY to Taos and eventually LA. Tom Buttner turned me on to his work, but he had a way with drawing the face which intrigues me.