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Slab ‘o Beefs

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Steve Huston’s painting “Heave” and a detail from “Working Man”. I met Steve when I was in L.A. through Bill Stout at his Sunday life drawing studio in Pasadena around 1995. Steve was teaching figure drawing at Art Center and according to his bio was just beginning his serious work on fine art. I remember seeing some of his early work with the boxers but it was mostly hardcore drawing and not nearly as delicious as it is now with his color palette. His FB page has a lot of great info on process for the student and uninitiated. His work makes me want to eat paint.


Mr. Macabre

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Edward Gorey


If you looked up the word macabre in the dictionary they should have an illustration by Edward Gorey next to it. You will recognize his work immediately. I don’t know much about him and first saw his work as a kid, in an animated intro for Masterpiece Theatre TV show “Mystery“. Since then I realize how prolific this guy really is, over 100 books, a zillion drawings, very distinctive in style and subject. Influenced tons of younger Goth style illustrators. A couple of  links, images and bio.


J.C.Leyendecker’s muse

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Leyendecker brushy

The last post had an image of one of JC Leyendecker’s post covers while the headline was about Norman Rockwell, a name synonymous with Post Covers.

Leyendecker was as famous in his day if not MORE so than Rockwell for Post cover and had a relationship with that rag for over 40 years.

He is best known for his Arrow shirt ADs and idealized models from the days of the Great Gatsby. Rumor has it that his best model, Charles Beach from the portrait above, who also became his biz manager, was also his lifelong lover. I just posted these 2 pics to show his brush stroke style, which is outrageously great (these are finished works). More about his life and career at JVJ here. Also a nice link with some images and brushstroke details here.

Norman Rockwell’s ghost gets $15 million at Sothebys

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This article via Bill Rutherfoord from the WSJ about illustration art market value.

A nice piece by Leyendecker originally commissioned for the Post.