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Dr. Brett’s Illustration Class

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Kailey Jewell/Digital Coloring-Art 325 Illustration I


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Swing Shift Cinderella, MGM, 1945.

Swing Shift Cinderella, MGM, 1945.  

Director: Tex Avery. This scene animated by Preston Blair.

R. Crumb

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Robert-Crumb1 R.Crumb

R.Crumb or Robt. Crumb or Robert Crumb. My first exposure to his stuff was the Cheap Thrills album art for a great Janis Joplin record which my Mom owned. I had never seen art like that when I was 12 years old. I forgot about him but his work kept popping up throughout my life, even on blotter acid. The dude is just incredibly prolific and his style is all his own. Just look up robert crumb


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Presto-Pixar short

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Using the Pixar short “Presto” as content for an exercise in storyboard art.

Reverse engineer the storyboard sequence from this film.

Lots of action and cuts (over 100 at my count) and no dialogue should make for a very expressive sequence.

Each drawn frame should be numbered and describe camera moves and key sound element to help support the narrative.

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I started a new series to paint 50 portraits this summer. Here’s the 1st. In honor of the recent TPC win here at Sawgrass. Mostly, I wanted to get do a series of famous and infamous people that one could recognize at a glance and see if I could nail a painterly likeness with a technique which is based in photographic reference, reproducible and quantifiable in terms of time. Tiger was 4 hours for the artwork and 1 hour in reference time on the net.

Compete-Get published. Win-Win

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Compete-Get published. Win-Win

Here’s something for my students or anyone really. I think I’ll try it.