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Robert Rauchenberg broke boundaries between painting, sculpture and theatre and stretched the very definition of what art was expected to be. More here: Rauchenberg



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Love this guy’s style. He’s got a FB page too. Canadian, and has lots of tutorials floating around. More at Artstation: Serge Birault

Dr. Brett’s Illustration Class

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Kailey Jewell/Digital Coloring-Art 325 Illustration I

Digital Renaissance

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Ben Mauro- Concept Design. There has never been a better time to be a student of art than now. The tool sand methods within reach of any dedicated student can lead to fulfilling opportunities. This is a digital 3-D render. Check out more of Ben’s work as well as opportunities on Artstation here. Ben Mauro


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Coleen Barry’s work is a recent discovery of mine. I admire the time she has put it to her craft and the study of anatomy. Here’s her website.Coleen Barry

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Swing Shift Cinderella, MGM, 1945.

Swing Shift Cinderella, MGM, 1945.  

Director: Tex Avery. This scene animated by Preston Blair.

R. Crumb

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Robert-Crumb1 R.Crumb

R.Crumb or Robt. Crumb or Robert Crumb. My first exposure to his stuff was the Cheap Thrills album art for a great Janis Joplin record which my Mom owned. I had never seen art like that when I was 12 years old. I forgot about him but his work kept popping up throughout my life, even on blotter acid. The dude is just incredibly prolific and his style is all his own. Just look up robert crumb