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Compete-Get published. Win-Win

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Compete-Get published. Win-Win

Here’s something for my students or anyone really. I think I’ll try it.


“Love Stories” Art Show

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Stringthink sketch blog

This past weekend, I had the privilege to participate in an art showing at Fort Thomas Coffee, along with my wife, and our talented roomy/adopted son Jason Heaton.  It was a major win for us on many levels.  1. As a family, our vision is to love the people of this City, and this was a very literal way for us to show them love. 2. We were able to bring together many circles of  friends and acquaintances in one place.  Relationships are essential for sustainable love to grow, after all.  And 3. It focussed our family on working together.  This, as any of you with family knows, is no small feat.  Our boys even had art in the show, so we invested in this thing together in a way that has truly drawn us closer.  Now, on to the art!

All of these were done digitally using Photoshop and…

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Manara’s world history

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Here is a link to this outrageously wonderful history of the world by Milo Manara. I would have posted the entire drawing but I could not figure it out so follow the link.

I was first introduced to Milo Manara’s work while I was working on a movie in Italy with my friend Adriano de Vincentiis , 1997. I was also intro’d to “Rank Xerox” and a bunch of other incredible graphic novel art at the same time. I was blown away by this discovery. Thank you Adriano.

Nude reference for drawing

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I don’t own nor do I have permission to use this image, it is part of a gallery of reference images of nudes on tumblr here:

If you own this image and object to it’s use, please let me know and I will remove it. Thanks to the person who assembled the reference.

“What Could Be” at Crisp-Ellert Art Museum through 4-12-2013

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AVM1.1 CEAM_Installation_Endings_Rev CEAM_VonMertens_FridaKahlo


A recent discovery of Anna Von Mertens work at the CEAM Museum at Flagler College. These are quilts. Really just amazing work both technically and conceptually. A great interview with Anna by CEAM director Julie Dickover and Beth Maycumber on Site95 here.