Iron man(s)


I am a big fan of the Iron Man movie series and particularly the Tony Stark character as portrayed by Robt Downey Jr. Especially in light of his personal tumbles a few years back it is amazing that he seems on top of his game as an actor. Artists just want to make art. It’s the best way to keep our demons at bay.

It is also really neat to witness the renaissance of figurative art as a direct result of application digial tech in entertainment. The comix industry feeds movies and vice versa.

After seeing a matinee of  Iron Man 3, I found this Marvel hardcover comp in the local library “The Invincible Iron Man” and was really entertained by the story and knocked out by the art, it got an Eisner award too. If you don’t know what that is, you ain’t no comix fan. Above is some of the art.

Heres a blurb on the artist Salvador Larroca, I didn’t include a link because his work is all over the web.

With the succesful launch of the Iron Man film, Larocca was given the opportunity to team with writer Matt Fraction and do the art and cover work for a new Iron Man on-going series, The Invicible Iron Man.  Their first arcs won an Eisner in 2009 for best new series.  Larroca has also been nominated for a 2010 Eisner for best cover artist.  During the Stark Dissasembled story arc, Larroca did a series of variant covers with a different layout.    Following Issue #25, Salvador also assisted in designing and now drawing the new Iron Man Armor.



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